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Return To Sender: Neutralizing The Manipulation Of The Argument

Rewriting Sensual Womanhood Through Asexuality

Cancel Culture, Worthless Participation Trophies, And Sorcery In Politics, News, And Entertainment

Soul Safety & Sexual Abuse: Being Sexy Intimidates Women Because…

A Spiritual Protection Tip We Can Learn From Rapper Leikeli47

Occult Lessons From A Former Shopaholic

The Real Reason Why Men Don’t Give A Damn About Your Degrees

If I Didn’t Choose My Life I Would Be A Divorcee With A 10-Year-Old!

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Becoming & Embodying The Shrine Instead Of Creating One

The Number One Lesson The Occult Taught Me

The Real Reason Why Every Man Isn’t Husband Material

Dismantled Patriarchal Matrixes & The Stubborn Women Fighting To Rebuild Them

Dickmatized Female Spirits Sabotage Women Too!

Religion Versus The Feminine Sexual Renaissance

Shielding & Solitude: Spiritual Tools To Use During The Holiday Season

Have Sex To Worship Pleasure & Life, Not Just For Men & Babies!

The Abundant Business Thievery Of Women, By Women

Occult Appropriation Or Effective Witchcraft? Why The Spells Of Black Women Don’t Work

On Sex Work: I Don’t Need A Man On My Arm. I Need A Man On My Leash

The Creatress Archetype, And The Greatest Spiritual Gift Of All

An Exclusive Holiday Present From Me To You!

Money Loves Speed, But It Also Loves Rest: Lessons From My 24+ Hour Severe Migraine

What Do You Need From Your Mother Right Now?

Beware Of The Spiritual Spending Trap!

Secondhand Clothes, Secondhand Hair, And The Spirits Involved With Both

Gender Pay Gaps & Self-Deception: Why So Many Women Are Free Activists & Volunteers

The Real Reason Why Women Stay Getting Played In Life & Love!

Earth Magick & Its Feminine Glamour Games That Intentionally Deceive Us

Shedding The Victim Label Is As Simple As…

Fear Worship In Action: Analyzing My Dream Of Lucifer

Spirit Possession: Culturally-Acceptable Spiritual Rape

The Mystic Time Machine Known As The Past Life Reading

The Sexual Competition Between The Maiden, Mother, And Crone

Feminist Or Captain Save-A-Ho?

Pussy Always Keeps Score

If You Are Afraid Of Being Disappointed By Others, Ask Yourself This Question

“Now Keep In Mind That I’m An Artist. And I’m Sensitive About My Shit.”

Becoming The Feminine Life Dominatrix

Is Destiny Pre-Determined, Or Do We Create It?

Is It Ghosting, Or Do You Not Listen Well?

Creepy Ex-Friends & Their Equally Creepy Ancestors!

Paradigm Shift: It Is A Privilege To Work Hard!

I’m Never Relaxing Or Cutting Off My Hair For This One Reason

Creating The Worship You Desire From Men Is As Simple As…

No Rain, No Flowers: Why I Believe Every Witch Should Have Her Own Business

Forbidden Blood Magick & Food: Let’s Discuss Periods, Anemia, And Womb Healing

Omens For The Creative Woman Sent From Nature

The Illusion Of Saturation & Competition

White Feminism Versus The Disobedient Black Woman

“One Day At A Time, Sweet Jesus!” How I Thrive While Suffering From Mental Illness

Neutralizing Spiritual Warfare Through Kitchen Witchery: Being Hard To Kill Means…

Is Workaholism The New Sexuality?

Stop Being Scared Of People & Spirits Who Add Absolutely Nothing To Your Life!

Subtle Financial Leaks: The Irony Of Relationships Being Beneficial For Women

Mental Manipulation & Choosing Your Hard: Retiring The Concept Of Good And Bad

An Introduction To Spells, And Why Words Matter

On Men & Money: Generosity Begets Generosity!

Variety Is The Spice Of Life, So I Have Never Lost Anyone I Needed

I Don’t Know Who Needs To Hear This, But Change Your Damn Number!

Why Every Woman Should Invest In A Luxury Wallet

Three Potent Forms Of Glamour & Deception In The Church, Media, And Online

When The “Come To Me” Spell Goes Terribly Wrong

Creatives: The Forgotten, Underestimated Healers

Blocked Throat Chakras, And Why We Silence Ourselves Even When Our Minds Are Screaming To Be Heard

Treat…Or Habit?

You Are A Waste Of Life When You Waste Life

“Everyone knows your power. They just don’t want you to be aware of it.”

Emotional Numbness, Perfectionism, And The Inability To Receive Love: Where Good Dick Goes To Die

Baptism, Initiation, And The Holy Power Of Water Through The "Watery Grave"

Sometimes The Sign From God Is As Simple As Thinking Critically With The Brain You Were Given

Blood Rituals, Period Sex, And Why You Should Think Twice Before Selling Your Used Panties!

The Other Half Of The Money Spell No One Wants To Discuss

Problematic Male Spirits + Problematic Male Humans = Misandrist

For A Long Time I Thought I Was Ugly. Turns Out It Was Just Inflammation.

Being A Creator Requires More Than A Love Of Money!

Spend More On Groceries, Spend Less At Sephora!

Patience & Other Life Lessons I Learned From A Frustrating Wash Day

All Opportunists Are Insane

If You Can Sit In Someone’s College For Four Years Then…

Body Dysmorphia, The Unorthodox Life Force Thief

Love Is The Highest Frequency

Conscious Greed & Other Spiritual Life Lessons The Keto Flu Is Teaching Me

Unloved Women & Their Fetish For Humiliation, Pain, And Cursed Life Cycles

Spirit Stalking, Possession, Astral Trauma, Demons, And Other Witchy Struggles

Life Is A Bitch, But That Doesn’t Mean She Isn’t Fair!

And The Award For The Best Diet Goes To…

Sigils & Vampirism In Business & Money Magick

The Correlation Between Compulsive Cleanliness & Rape Trauma, And How To Heal

The Dark Side Of Self-Optimization, And Why They Won’t Accept The Woman You’re Becoming

Sex Work: The Booming Business Of Discretion, Trust, And Emotional Safety

Ocular Healing, And Why Pretty Privilege Will Never Cease To Exist

The Sex-Driven Life Made Easy For The Woman Who Is In Love With Herself

Tis The Season For The Unmanaged Emotions Of Women To Become Death Wishes!

Mental Magick & The Power Of The Will

When Your Life Is One Continuous Orgasm

Stop Arguing With Random Strangers On The Internet!

Selfishness: The Ultimate Elimination Diet

On Intuitive Eating: Your Body Is Bougie, And Rightfully So!

Harnessing The Destructive Energy Of The Number 9 To Your Advantage

Privilege: The Forbidden, Morally-Unacceptable Shortcut

Sweetening The Bitterness Of Failed Relationships To Nourish Your Womanhood

The Downsides Of Being A Relaxed Woman With A Balanced Mind

Orgasmic Healing & Spirit Transmutation For The Sexually Abused Woman

The New World Order Of Feminine Rule & Chaos

Become A Woman Worth Gossiping About!

Whore Wisdom: Would You Rather Make $60 Or $13 An Hour?

Spiritual Transference, Healing, And Food: Honoring The Cycle Of Death & Life

Subliminal Alchemy: How To Transcend Your Triggers!

WWJD: What Would Jesus Do? He Would Demand What He’s Worth, That’s What!

Bless Your Inbox By Putting A Paywall Behind Your Emotions!

Become A “You Don’t Have To Tell Me Twice!” Type Of Woman!

“Live Well For Entertainment”

Want To Be My Friend? It’s Going To Cost You $33.00 A Month!

The Most Overlooked Benefit Of Working For Yourself!

The Subconscious, Your Fairy Godmother

An Introduction To The Planet Saturn, And Why Structure & Discipline Govern Everything!

Channeling Narcissism To Play (And Win) The Long Game

When Failure Is A Celebration Instead Of A Tragedy

Honoring The Energetic Contract Of Business & Money

Nothing Should Be Too Expensive For You!

Spiritual Initiation & Food: What’s The Correlation?

Women Should Be Unapproachable, Intimidating, Vain, Arrogant, And Stuck-Up!

Quit Treating Your Ancestors Like A Get-Rick-Quick Scheme!

So You Only Deserve What You Want, Huh? Spirit Says No!

Healing The Mind & Heart To Make Room For What You Desire

Sorry Ladies, But There Is No Shortage Of Money On This Planet!

The Art (And Logic) Of Ungratefulness

“Anything You Say Can & Will Be Used Against You In A Court Of Law”

The Formula Every Woman Should Use To Determine How Long She Should Invest In Herself

“She Fucked Her Way To The Top…And You Fucked Your Way To The Bottom”

Our Courage Is Found In Our Wallets!

Confidence As A Spiritual Superpower

Spiritual Feeding, Codes, Fasting, And How They Affect Our Health & Quality Of Life

How To Become Your Own Dream Woman

He Keeps Frustrating You Because You Refuse To Manage Your Life

Witchcraft Doesn’t Absolve You Of Cultivation!

The Art Of Becoming The Nonchalant (Yet Paid) Entrepreneur

Own Your Craft, No Matter How Much Or How Little Money You Make

The Law Of Duality & The Beauty Of Being A Woman Who Contradicts Herself