Why become an Evil Single Woman?

Whether you are single or partnered, you exist as a beautiful yet complicated feminine being who belongs to herself, first and foremost.

Evil Single Woman is a curated space for the uninhibited woman who wants to playfully uncover her hidden, suppressed self and make peace with the evil inside of her, or her dark, demoness essence that does not exist to benefit anyone else but her. And her soul, of course.

Your soul is the only powerful entity that truly governs you. Outside of being conditioned to serve the world, your job, your family, your friends, and your peers, your primary purpose for owning a beating heart is to support your soul, the most priceless and valuable entity in existence, in its ascension. You can only do this through a deep examination, acceptance, and love of self.

In this space I share the spiritual life lessons I am learning along my journey in self-mastery and holy feminine cultivation by way of the Left Hand Path. And I am taking you along for the ride that surpasses lifetimes.

Here, it is okay to be selfish. Selfishness is a feminine gift of creation. Because nobody else is going to put you first anyway.

So be good. Or be evil. No matter. But whatever you do, be yourself.

Welcome to the dark side.

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Divine Life-Craft for the Uninhibited Holy Feminine


Sanni Lark

Channeling sacred, unadulterated feminine chaos and wisdom through writing.